Some pairings are just meant to be; like rich dark chocolate and tangy citrus orange, or sweet strawberry jam and thick vanilla buttercream. In the flavour palette you can find the perfect partner for your favourite ingredient, or come up with a combination all of your own.

And this is just the beginning…our wedding and celebration cakes are entirely customisable, so if the flavour you’re looking for isn’t listed get in touch to discuss how we can create your dream cake.

Whatever you decide you can be sure that only the finest ingredients go in to a Zeenees cake and wherever possible we use local produce and fresh seasonal fruit.

Why not try one of the below or let us know your favourite combos…

  • Lemon madeira sponge with a thick tangy lemon curd and a light vanilla buttercream.
  • Classic Victoria sponge, vanilla buttercream and a sweet strawberry conserve.
  • Dark chocolate sponge with a rich chocolate buttercream.
  • Rich dark chocolate & tangy orange buttercream.
  • Luxurious red velvet cake with sweet vanilla cream cheese frosting
  • Deliciously rich caramel sponge with a salted caramel and  vanilla buttercream.
  • Rich fruit cake crammed with cherries and sultanas
  • Aromatic coffee and chopped walnut cake.
  • Lightly spiced carrot cake topped with sweet vanilla cream cheese frosting.
  • Finest white chocolate with plump fresh raspberries.
  • Dark chocolate fudge cake with rich chocolate buttercream.