Wedding Cakes

Choose from a range of contemporary styles, colours and designs, or suggest some of your own to create a modern masterpiece unique to your wedding!

Modern cakes are inspired by current trends and are perfect for complementing a contemporary colour scheme or venue. They’re generally very different to the conventional tiered ivory cake. Square cakes are particularly popular as a modern twist, but the contemporary finish also extends to the design and colour of the cake.

Popular styles include metallic finishes in striking gold, bronze or silver, bold geometric patterns and dazzling geode cakes… but whatever your wedding venue or style we can create a modern cake that’s perfect for your big day.

Other Styles

After you’ve had a look at our modern wedding cakes why not check out our other styles including¬†classic, vintage, floral, colourful and naked wedding cakes.

Alternatively try our wedding cupcakes or celebration cakes.

What Next?

  • Inspiration

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    Visit the flavour palette for delicious taste combinations.

  • Sizing

    Use our tier guide to choose the perfect size and shape cake.

  • Pricing

    Find out guide prices for a range of cake sizes and styles.

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    Discover our easy order process for wedding cakes.