Wedding Cakes

Vibrant and bold cake designs to create a big splash of colour on your wedding day.

Weddings are a celebration and if you’re looking for something that really showcases that then a bright and colourful cake is perfect. Whatever your colour scheme or theme we can create a colourful design that perfectly complements it. We use ribbons, icing, flowers, fruit, confectionery and edible decorations to create designs in every colour of the rainbow…and more!

As well as vibrant finishes we can also bake coloured sponges and fillings to ensure every slice is bursting with colour.

Other Styles

After you’ve had a look at our colourful wedding cakes why not check out our other styles including¬†classic, vintage, modern, floral and naked wedding cakes.

Alternatively try our wedding cupcakes or celebration cakes.

What Next?

  • Inspiration

    Browse the gallery below for ideas about design & style.

  • Flavours

    Visit the flavour palette for delicious taste combinations.

  • Sizing

    Use our tier guide to choose the perfect size and shape cake.

  • Pricing

    Find out guide prices for a range of cake sizes and styles.

  • Order

    Discover our easy order process for wedding cakes.