Slam-dunking heroes: Why biscuits are the perfect bake for weddings, birthdays, Christmases and more…

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I spend a lot of time talking about cake but there’s another baked good that’s been living in the shadows for far too long. Too often I think we conjure up images in our mind of the uninspiring office multipack digestive, or the forgotten rich tea at the bottom of the tin and tend to dismiss biscuits as a quick hunger fix and nothing more. But properly made biscuits are an absolute delight – crunchy and full of flavour. In fact I’ll say it now – biscuits are brilliant!

I’ll spare you the history (which I could excitably talk about for hours) of the crucial part biscuits have played in keeping sailors and soldiers fed far from home over the years and stick to the current day.

Biscuits are a fantastic celebration of local culture. Even in the small area of the south west we have a huge range of regional biscuit treats from gingery Cornish Fairings to clotted cream-filled Devon flats, and the charmingly named Dorset knob biscuits. For anyone still thinking about that last one I’ll leave you with the knowledge that the 11th annual Dorset knob throwing festival takes place in May 2018.

There are also biscuits that have become a real part of national identity – take the ANZAC biscuit – not only delicious but a symbol of the role of Australian and New Zealand troops in the war and a firm favourite on the other side of the world, especially on Australia Day.

Then we have biscuits for different times of year – like Easter biscuits; beautifully spiced and fruited and for me every bit as atmospheric as a chocolate egg.

But if I haven’t yet managed to convince you of the merits of biscuits here’s some ideas for giving your celebrations some punch from the treat with the crunch:


I accept it may not be everyone’s first thought but biscuits make great wedding treats. If you’re looking for something a little different for your place settings how about a smooth ginger biscuit with a neat white icing name? Once people have found their places they’ve got a little treat to tide them over until the first course. Biscuits also make fantastic favours and decorations and can be made in a range of shapes from bells to hearts and horseshoes.

Or for something more personal you can always opt for miniature brides or grooms, rainbow flags or something unique to you. Finished off with a ribbon and clear plastic bag biscuits can become the wedding favour everyone wants to take home and can be made in a range of colours or flavours.


Children love biscuits and so many popular characters have been immortalised in cookie-cutters these days that it’s not hard to bring their favourites to life. But there are also lots of options for grown-ups too. Biscuits can be a great way to spell out messages, get people talking and are generally a lot less messy than cake for eating at a party!

Again they can be really easily personalised and add a splash of colour and crunch to any occasion. Why not use them as conversation starters/ice breakers by putting fun facts about the birthday boy or girl on with icing?


Biscuits are such a good gift to give at Christmas, ahead of those long winter months at home with cups of tea and hot chocolate. They generally have a really good shelf-life and so can be enjoyed well after the big day – especially if you choose something hardy like a biscotti. My other favourite for Christmas is to make biscuits to hang from the tree – it’s a great thing to do as a family and makes a perfect edible treat to enjoy over a festive film or two.

Biscuits by Zeenees

If you’ve got a big event coming up and are either a long-term biscuit fan, or perhaps I’ve even managed to convert you, then do get in touch if you want to discuss ideas. I can bake, ice and beautifully package biscuits to cater for large parties and weddings and can tailor designs and shapes around your event.

And if I haven’t managed to convince you off the merits of biscuits then maybe this week’s Great British Bake-Off will do the trick. It’s biscuit week and from the clip last week there looked to be some very impressive creations going on!

After all that there really is only one thing for it now – I’m off for a cup of tea and a couple of the ginger biscuits I made at the weekend!