Baking trends – reveal cakes (not just for babies!)

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Baking is one of those areas that changes rapidly with trends: in flavour, design, shape, ingredients… most things are liable to change.

One recent trend is the reveal cake. This can be similar to a hidden surprise cake – which often has an unexpected filling of sweets pouring out when cut, but the key to a reveal cake is that it sends a message to everyone when cut.

Probably the most well-known cake of this type is the gender-reveal cake. Expectant parents can pick a neutral exterior design for their cake and then use the cutting of the cake to reveal to themselves or their friends the gender of their unborn child. Traditionally a pink sponge is used for a girl and a blue one for a boy, but there are also options around using different coloured sweets or other fillings. There’s no clue from the outside what the inside will be like and so the reveal is kept secret until the cake is cut.

The reveal cake works perfectly well for gender reveals, but not everyone has a baby on the way and even for those that do it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But with some imagination and some funky fillings the reveal cake can be a great centrepiece for any occasion.

If you’re planning on surprising a loved one with some news how about using one of these fun reveal cakes:

Engagement – a classic white cake that cuts to reveal a centre filled with coloured gummy rings is a modern twist on the ring in the cake idea.

First car – surprise the birthday boy or girl with a cake with a coloured sponge key or car design that’s only revealed when cut to really deliver the message in style.

New home – a filling of confectionery bricks is a great way to celebrate the new home in style and a fun way to announce you’re finally in to friends and family.

Exam results – share the good news of your recent degree, A-Level or GCSE results with friends and family with a hidden reveal cake with letters or numbers designed in to the sponge announcing your grade.

Rainbow surprise
– a hidden rainbow layered sponge is a fun way to announce a same-sex engagement or celebrate a coming-out with friends.

The most important thing with a reveal cake is to remember that the detail is on the inside and the exterior design gives nothing away. If you’re planning a big announcement and would like a Zeenees designed reveal cake then get in touch to discuss ideas for this very unique type of celebration cake.